Indian Scops Owl at Udawalawe ウダワラウェ国立公園のインドオオコノハズク

  スリランカのウダワラウェ国立公園にある、Elephant Transit Homeにある木で出会った、インドオオコノハズク Indian Scops Owlの幼鳥です。ここでは、毎日、子象にミルクをあげる時間には観光客が集まります。それまでの間、インドオオコノハズクを観察。  >>ウダワラウェ国立公園についてはこちら 

 They are juveniles of the Indian scops owl perching on a tree in Elephant Transit Home in Udawalawe National Park. Let's watch them before the milk feeding time for baby elphants, which is held everyday here at Elephant Transit Home and attracts tourists, starts.
>> Udawalawe National Park

インドオオコノハズクはヒマラヤの南のインド、スリランカの広範囲の森に暮らしています。オオコノハズクCollared Scops Owl との見分けが難しいのですが、胸元の模様が少なくよりクリーム色っぽいのがインドオオコノハズクとガイドさん。本によると、正式な判別は「鳴き声」 で。
 Three of them can be seen there.
 Indian scops owls live widely in the forests in Sri Lanka and India except the Himalayan areas. According to our guide, they are very similar to collared scops owls. Compared with the collared scops owl, the Indian scops owl has less markings on its breast and the feathers in that part is more cream-colored. A book says that they are formally distinguished each other by their tweets.

They look very sleepy.
The owl is one of a few kinds of nocturnal birds.


One went inside the tree leaving the two.


Now only one left...how cute he is!

photo & text by mariko