Sri Lanka Giant Squirrel スリランカオオリス 


Sri Lanka Giant Squirrel, the national animal of Sri Lanka


They live in the forest of the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka.
You may also find some of them in the gardens of local houses or hotels in Sigiriya with rich nature.

頭から体の大きさが33-37 Cm、尻尾だけで33-38 Cm
頭から尻尾の先までで60 Cmを越える、大きなリスです

They are large for the squirrels with 33 to 37 centimeters from a head to a body, a tail of 33 to 38 centimeters, and the total body length including the tail measures as large as 60 centimeters.


Light brown body, cream-colored belly, and pink on the nose.

あまりにも愛くるしい、スリランカオオリスでした   How cute ... 

photo & text by mariko